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Sawasdee ! Friends of Childlife
Warm greeting from Childlife Team , long time that Childlife web site not really up date , because on this IT, Childlife doesn’t have person who have knowledge for this site , and this year Childlife tried to start to up date the web site for our friends to understand and have more information and can be able to keep in trust and give more support in the future , Childlife set up the team for BNN POST, BNN is from Thai word Baannana , meaning “Baan” is House , “Nana” A different Variety things, “House for Variety problem kids”  BNN POST , will up Date for ever 15 day (2 volume /month) BNN post will start to from the research at the Maesai border, 891 is the last Kilometer from Bangkok to Maesai –Myanmar ,
Substance in BNN POST, will report in column
“891km.The end of Phaholyotin Road” for a severally phenomenon in Maesai and another area even in Myanmar        
“Human trafficking issue” will report the situation of human trafficking in the area and find the way to work and stop it 
“Nana Station” will talk all every things happen in Childlife
“Nana Request” will talking the need help from Friends to support childlife
“Nana voice border to the world” will report the voice from the border to the world wine listen from voice of kids who doesn’t have human right and ask the highs person
“Nana Thank you Board” will report and say thank you for the kindly person whom have a beautiful hearth
You can crick and reading in each Volume on PDF. File and also you can forward to friends of you and help to more information, We will happy and thank you for your kindly, and so sorry if some one do wrong things and use our photo to do a wrong way, should stop it. It ‘s illegal ,We have to balm before, 
And also Please feel free if BNN post, wrote some tings wrong and make a troubles for some one in the  name or some person involves with our article, We will so sorry for that, Childlife will be carefully we have no to intention for that,
BNN post running in name of “Childlife Ministry and Community Foundation (CMCF)”      
Best Regard 


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