Amina is an 8-yera-old Akha-girl and was born in Burma in the Yaboyaya village, Tachilek District. She has her older brother, Ja-shor, who is 15-years-old and a younger brother who is 4-years-old. Her father is addicted to amphetamines, her mother to opium and Jashor to glue.

Amina started begging for money when she was still a baby. Jashor would take Amina on his back and beg for money at the Maesai border bridge until Amina could walk by herself. They would beg everyday from the morning till the evening, like normal work. Amina's parents are unemployed, and lived off the earnings of the children, who would be beaten if they did not return at least 50 Baht a day.

Ja-shor was in Childlife for a few months in 2000. He would often leave and return again, sometimes going to Chiang Mai to beg for money there. Amina prefers to study than beg. Her parents have allowed her to stay in Childlife, so that she can recieve shelter, food and an education.


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