Lugi, 19-years-old, was born in Myanmar (Burma) and belongs to the Akha minority. His parents were amphetamine and opium addicts. They forced the boy to beg for money everyday in Maesai in order to support his parents drug addiction. Lugi bagan begging when he was 10-years-old. If he came back to Myanmar without money, his father would physically abuse him.

After a while he left his family and stayed in the streets of Maesai. He lived with a group of more than 20 children, trying to make a living by begging tourists for money. At around this time they got to know Kru (Teacher) Ngaow, who came to the border bridge everyday.

One day the police caught Lugi for stealing from a shop in Maesai. He was sent to jail for one month. During his time in Maesai prison he made connections with the adult inmates who had drug related convistions.

Immediately after his release, he walked to Myanmar to meet with a drug dealer and smuggle amphetamines back into Thailand. He hid the drugs in his shoes and began walking back to Thailand. He was ordered to meet with another drug lord on the Thai side in order to hand over the drugs get paid for his smuggling work.

When he crossed the border, just three hours after he left the prison, the Thai police searched him with dogs, who found the drugs in his shoes. Lugi was returned to the Maesai jail. After his court case he was sentened to 9 months in the Chiang Rai (Provincial Capital) Prison.

After his second release he returned to Maesai and visited his parents in Burma. Soon after began staying with Childlife, where he has been ever since.

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