The Children.

Childlife is open to all children who find themselves in prolonged problematic situations. Within the minority ethnic groups around the Thai / Myanmar border, broken families, parental violence and sexual abuse are common. Many women are separated, divorced or abandoned by their husbands. Children suffer from these situations and can become vulnerable or homeless orphans.

Childlife provides them a safe place to stay, where they can receive food, medical attention, education, and positive guidance. For emergency situations, parents can also meet Childlife’s team for visits or counseling / family planning.

Ton, at the First House.

Within the project, the children can be categorised into several groups;

Street Children: The children in this group live and sleep on Maesai’s streets, mostly near the Border Bridge. They stay around from 7am to 11pm to beg tourists in the border stop. Some children collect and sell recyclable materials too.

The Dumpster Group: These children live at the dumpster and collect plastic and other recyclable materials to sell at low prices. Some of these children work only the weekends, others every day. Some of them sleep at the dumpster as well.

Victims of Child Labour: The children belonging to this group are forced to perform hard physical work on plantations and farms in Maesai or the Chiang Rai province. They suffer from very harsh living conditions and are exploited by Thai entrepreneurs.

Children in Difficult Family Situations: This group includes children who face violence and sexual abuse in their families. In most cases, the parents are drug addicted.

Orphans: Children without parents or support from other family members. Some lose their parents to HIV or AIDS.

Many of these children are at risk of being trafficked or sold for exploitative labours or prostitution. The street provides a dangerous environment run by gangs and criminal organisations that profit from the very lucrative and locally widespread trade of human beings.

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