Childlife - Introduction.

Who we are …photo

Childlife (or “Baan Nana” in Thai) founded in 1999, is a strictly grassroots organisation, providing direct intervention for children at risk in Maesai, Northern Thailand at the border to Myanmar (Burma). We are a non-religious, non-government organisation and care for all children in need, regardless of ethnicity, nationality or religion.

Our vision…

A society where every child has access to education, food, and a safe environment with care, love and support, without discrimination, regardless of national identification. Our children will have experience and support to develop into responsible, dignified caring leaders and participants in the community.

mapOur mission …

We work to prevent increasing numbers of street children and crime in society through our services. We will become a long-term sustainable NGO and develop a best practice grassroots model to work with, protect and learn from children, especially those at risk, from around the world.

What we do…

We currently provide emergency and long term shelter, including education, medical care, food and clothing for 140 children. We work on the ground and understand the real problems and issues the children face. Some of our staff have experienced life on the street and are able to work most effectively to improve the situation.

We prevent criminal activities and the exploitation of children. Through education, food and shelter we are encouraging children and their families to imagine a future beyond a life in the streets, to gain experience working together for a better future.

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