Childlife strongly believes that education is the only way to break the vicious circles of broken families, homelessness, begging, exploitation, drug use, crime and prostitution.

The Childlife pick-up truck takes the children to and from school every day.

Almost all the children in the Shelter are within the standard age-group to attend school. Childlife works closely together with the local village school, which accepts the children as students, even though they don't have Thai citizenship. For the moment they are able to study there, however the law doesn't yet allow them to get certificates, graduate or get into higher education programs.

Childlife hopes that this policy will change in the near future. Apart from the "formal school", there is also "non-formal" education for children that can't study the normal curriculum because they missed out on primary education when they were young. Non-formal school, which is also run by the state education department and follows the standard curriculum, is run one day a week, leaving time for other vocational training.

Childlife children at the San Khong School.

Children with learning difficulties receive alternative education provided by the Childlife staff, who strongly believe that every child has qualities and interests that can be developed through appropriate support. Childlife also encourages other educational and creative activities such as arts and crafts workshops where the children can express themselves through theatre, music, painting or drawing.

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