The First House.

While the children live on the street they experience a hard life and develop many strategies to get along with it. They receive no formal education and their formation of ideas usually comes most strongly through the influence of the other street children. Many of them have been to jail several times, frequently use drugs such as glue and amphetamines and are not used to living in a structured community.

Because of these issues, when the children first come to live with Childlife, instead of going directly to the shelter to live with many other children, they stay in the First House, where they only have to interact with a small group of children and where they can receive the focused attention they require.

In the First House, they find a good environment to recover from the hardships of life on the street. They are in close contact with the staff-members and receive counselling and loving care. The children usually stay in the First House for a couple of months, until they feel strong enough to live with the other children in the shelter and go to school.
The First House is located in Maesai and is easily found by newcomers.

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