The Shelter.

The Childlife Shelter is located 7km from Mae Sai centre, in the middle of vast rice paddy fields. This natural environment provides great freedom and protection for our children and serves as a new home to children who have no other safe alternatives. The shelter has 2 big fishing lakes where the children can swim and play, and a hall where they enjoy performing. In addition to their sleeping dorms, there is a communal dining hall and a classroom/ library for the children who do not attend school.

The current Childlife Shelter.

Apart from having a place to sleep and eat regular meals, the children in the Shelter also receive close care by several full-time staff members.

In keeping with the shelters natural setting a well-developed agriculture program is run by the children and staff. Activities include vegetable growing, fish cultivation and chicken and pig farming.

Doing the Sunday washing.

At present the shelter gives home to 147 children. The demand is rising and everything indicates that the next few years will bring a great deal more children in need to Childlife's doorstep. But at the moment the Shelter is at its full capacity and, as it stands, is unable to receive many more children.

Childlife therefore plans to move the Shelter to new location and build a Children's Village. This new approach will have a more family-like structure with small groups of children living together in seperate houses, with one or two staff-members dedicated to each house.

The children of Childlife currently grow there own rice. This move towards self-subsistent living will continue to expand in the new Children's Village, with the children learning agriculture skills in their farm, while supporting their daily nutrition at the same time.

To make this future a reality Childlife will require a great deal of financial and organisational support. If you think you may be able to assist please see the donate page of this website.

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