The Strategy.

The problems at the border of Myanmar and Thailand are complex and have many origins, and can therefore not be solved by one method or organisation alone. Childlife has attempted to build a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary approach through building networks with other organisations and government bodies and the implementation of a four-way strategy.

Thai police at the border.

This strategy focuses on providing both long-term and emergency responses to the problems, and is designed to implement these responses on both sides of the border. Childlife hopes that a greater recognition of human rights, regardless of ethnic background, will also be embraced by government bodies and the general public, both in Thailand and Myanmar, to further improve the situation in the future.

The four response methods of the strategy are:

First House, which takes care of new cases to Childlife
dot The Shelter, as a home
dot School, to provide education for the children
dot Nana Buffet and Restaurant, as a vocational training centre


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